MatherlandWater Ball

This is a swimming pool with prefabricated metal components (profiles in Fe 360 steel with a hollow section). Six small boats (diameter 1,60 x height 0,84 ml.) Consisting of a single fiberglass body with impact protection in inflatable tubular and powered by a 12 V (200 W) outboard electric motor that can freely move around inside the bath. The charge of the batteries is carried out with solar energy, and by exploiting the buoyancy of the boats to induce oscillations of movement, it is to be considered at the forefront as an eco-sustainable attraction. In the pool as an alternative to boats can be placed transparent aquatic spheres, inflated to become a real “floating balloon”, the sphere with the person inside, can experience the thrill of walking on the water. The balls are completely waterproof and the person who is introduced never comes into contact with water.